For the month of March we decided to donate to The Plastic Pollution Coalition. We watched a very well narrated video featuring Jeff Bridges, we stopped and thought about single use plastic for awhile and it didn’t result in anything nice. Double bags from the grocery store pile up on a cabinet drawer so that we can reuse them later to pick up dog crap? Or how about at the hardware store when you buy a single pack of screws…do you really need those put into a plastic bag? It’s not just plastic bags either, it’s all plastics. So we’ve chosen to try our best to avoid using single use plastic products, I’ve even brought a silver fork into work with me and I’ll use that at taco bell later 😀

Sometimes changing the way we do things is hard, especially things that you don’t think immediately affect you, but really check out the site and read some of the information, we have been killing the planet and it’s inhabitants, which may not immediately affect you, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do your part to help make change that is needed.

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