For the month of October we donated to The Cat’s Meow animal rescue. I’m not sure what the Eurorack communities obsession with cats is about, but I do share the world’s obsession with cats. No matter how much I resist, I always end up watching each and every cat video that comes across my feed, with a sense of amazement. Internet cat lovers…we feel you.

The Cat’s Meow is a volunteer run animal rescue that saves the kittehs from high kill shelters and the streets of LA. As a pet owner (although I own dogs), I liked what I saw from The Cat’s Meow and felt inclined to give what we could to help. Pet’s are a huge responsibility, and from someone that knows, they are often a responsibility that many cannot handle. Sadly, too many times people get the super cute kittens, and as they get older they become neglected. This is a very sad and common occurrence in our world. The Cat’s Meow rehomes over 200 felines annually, after the cats have received in home rehabilitation.

Big ups to The Cat’s Meow for putting in the work.


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